The Best of the Rimmel Nudes

IMG_0758 IMG_0769 IMG_0752

(Left to right: 45, 08, 38)

I’m defiantly more of a nude lip girl..lets say i’m a little uncomfortable when it comes to wearing bright colours. Because of this, i’ve collected my fair share of nude lipsticks, and one of my favourite drugstore brands is Rimmel. I love their lipstick formulas and especially the Kate Moss line.

They recently added a new collections of nude shades, one of which i’ve been obsessed with. Having said this, the original line also has some great nude picks.

08 was my first lipstick I bought from Rimmel. It’s the perfect ‘your lip but better’ shade, that looks good on everyone who i’ve told to get. It’s a great all rounder that I slap on with almost every makeup look. It’s a slightly darker shade than your traditional nude, but it’s so much more flattering and makes me look much less washed out.

Again from their original line is 38. This is a more peachy pink nude, one that looks amazing with a tan! I like to wear this with minimal makeup, but with lots of coats of mascara. It can tend to wash out people with paler skin tones, so bare that in mind.

And lastly is 45, a shade from their new nude line. I only picked up one of the colours as the others looked a little too light for me, and I knew that I would get a lot more wear out of this one. It’s a very similar colour to 08, but when swatched either side, 45 is a little lighter. Again, it’s a perfect slap on lipstick which goes with everything. The formula, from what I can tell, is pretty much identical to the original line. Very creamy and comfortable on the lips. I do find them to be a little drying after a while, so I always like to wear a balm underneath.

I would love to know what your favourite nude lipstick is!!


11 thoughts on “The Best of the Rimmel Nudes

  1. I really want to get 38, I am quite pale but I feel like I could just about pull it off at this time of year! I know what you mean about the new range though, I did swatch some in store the other day and they all seemed pretty like/ almost the kinda shades that look like concealer on your lips, which is such a shame as I love a good nude lipstick. xx

  2. I really want to pick up 08! I am not a huge fan of nude colours, but 08 looks like a more of a plum colour. Great post ^_^♡ xoxo

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