The River Island ‘Molly’ Jean

molly jeans

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll have had the ever so annoying task of hunting down the perfect jean for pretty much forever. You finally think you’ve found them, in my case the Topshop Leigh Jeans, but then find the colour to come out within the first wash. If you’re a black jeans kind of girl, then you will feel my pain. But don’t be too disheartened, because I think I may have discovered the PERFECT jean.

Although they are on the pricey side at £42, the River Island Molly Jeans are well worth the investment. They call them the Molly ‘jegging’ but don’t be put off by that, they’re defiantly more jeany. If you think about how much you wear jeans, then the price doesn’t seem to bad and defiantly worth it. They come in loads of different styles and washes, from ripped, to normal jean ‘blue’ to black and white. They also have sizes from 4 – 18, something which I find so much easier than having to find out your waist measurements. Not only this, but they don’t stretch and go baggy, something which I hate skinny jeans to do. Seriously you need to try these jeans if you’re anything like me.


What are you favourite jeans?


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