The Weekend Post #1 | 5 Blogs Worth Giving a Read


What’s better than a nice little read this Easter Weekend, apart from the obvious Netlix whilst stuffing yourself with as many Easter Eggs as you possibly can. If you opt for the first of those two options, then I have 5 fabulous blogs that are defiantly worth a read…

ViviannaDoesMakeup // I love this girl. I’m already obsessed with her Youtube videos, so when i’m up to date with all of her latest uploads, I love nothing more than a good old gander around her site. It’s defiantly the one-stop for any girl’s beauty needs. What’s more, I love her style, defiantly one to check out.

CoutureGirl // This blog popped up on my screen whilst I was browsing through Bloglovin’ one day. Not only are her posts great, but her photos are amazing. Seriously a blog that I find myself lusting over time and time again.

Lipssofacto // Yet another blog that I randomly came across. Meg is a British blogger whose blog has been recognised by the likes of Vouge and InStyle. Another great option if you’re wanting to know anything beauty related.

NouvelleDaily // This is a great blog for anything regarding beauty and style. If you’re looking for inspiration for not only your personal style as well as home interiors, then this one is for you. Her chic and modern style with a hint of retro thrown into the mix instantly catches my eye. Ghostparties is also another great option if you’re look for great interior posts.

CareerGirlDaily // Fitness, Fashion, Food, Beauty and Home. This blog has it all. Lifestyle blogs aren’t something that I tend to go for when it comes to reading blogs, only because Beauty is my passion. However, something about this blog makes me want to keep on reading. Any other great lifestyle blogs? I would love to get into a few more!


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