Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

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Beauty sponges aren’t something that have only just come about, in fact I’ve wanted to try the Beauty Blender for the longest time, however the idea of paying £16.00 for a sponge cringes me slightly. That’s why when I saw that Real Techniques have their own spin on the infamous blender, I obviously wanted to give it a go for myself.

Real Techniques isn’t a brand that’s failed me in the past, and it certainly hasn’t now. The sponge blends your foundation seamlessly into the skin and leaves your complexion looking flawless. Not only that, but the addition of the tapered end means that it fits into the contours of your face perfectly, great for blending around the nose and under the eyes.

However, I would say that washing the sponge can be a little tricky, though I do know of cleaners like the Beauty Blender cleaner which is made specifically to wash makeup sponges. Defiantly one that I need to give a go. Overall I would say that this is something that I would recommend, and something that I have been using a lot more recently compared to my beloved Real Techniques Buffing Brush.


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