It’s all about the Brows


Most of the time, my brows are a bushy mess and honestly, I always leave it to the very last minute to do anything about them. That’s why I need products like these to try and tame them; these are a couple I have been loving lately and what have been doing the job nicely.

Soap and Glory’s Archery Brow Pencil is my saviour when it comes to brows. The pencil is thin, making it ideal to fill in small areas, easily making hair-like strokes. It also has a spooley on the other end, which is so handy to brush through the brows. I have mine in the shade Blondshell, the perfect shade for hair colours like mine – dark blonde/light brown.

The last step to my brows is to set them in place. For this I like to use a clear brow gel. One in particular which I love is by Maybelline. Their Brow Drama in the shade Translucent does the desired job perfectly. They also come in shades specified for different hair colours. However, the lightest one looked a bit too gingery for my liking, hence sticking to the clear.

What are your favourite brow products? I would love to know and maybe try them out!


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