My Everyday Makeup Brushes


It’s safe to say that I have way too many makeup brushes than the average 17 year old could possibly need, but I honestly only use a handful everyday. These are the brushes that I couldn’t live without and which I would really miss from my makeup routine if they were to every disappear.

Real Technique Brushes are probably my all time favourite brushes. Not only are they reasonable, but they’re such great quality and do the job really well. My favourites start with the Blush Brush. I use this for bronzer and blush. I figure if each product go in the same place, why not use the same brush. It’s great for bronzer though, as it’s big and fluffy, yet still slightly tapered, making it fit into the hollows of your cheeks perfectly.

The Buffing Brush would have to be my all time favourite brush. It’s the perfect brush for applying foundation, making the application less time consuming and blending in the product flawlessly. I also use the Contour Brush quite a bit. Okay, so maybe i’m a bit lazy to contour on an everyday basis, but when I have time I like to include this step. I just think it ties the whole look together and makes you instantly look more defined. Lastly for Real Techniques is the Base Shadow Brush. This is a great all round brush. If i’m in a rush, I’ll use this to sweep product all over the lid and as a blending brush, as it’s quite fluffy.

However, my recent favourite eyeshadow brush has to be the Urban Decay double ended brush which comes with the Naked 2 Palette. I don’t usually like brushes that come with palettes, but this one surprised me. It’s a great versatile brush, one end being great for patting on shadow and the other end fits perfectly under the eye, great for creating a smokey effect.

Apart from the Real Technique brushes, i’ve also been loving a set that I purchased on Amazon (the brown brushes from the picture). They again,  are affordable and really good quality. They don’t have names so i’m going to attempt to describe them to you. The bigger round brush, I like to use for highlighter. It’s dense, making it really easily to pat powder highligher onto the cheekbones and where ever else you want to apply it. The smaller brush out of the ones in the picture, I like to use for concealer. It’s similar to the Real Techniques Crease brush, the way in which it’s dense enough to blend concealer perfectly. And last but not least, the fluffy brush. I am in love with this brush for blending out my shadow. Its the best one I’ve come across and would seriously buy the whole set just for this brush!!

Amazon Brushes –

Real Technique Brushes –


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