Mac’s Rebel Lipstick

IMG_9166 IMG_9169

Last week I received a rather exciting parcel, a parcel that beauty obsessions like me would possibly go crazy for. Yes, Mac  happened and I am so excited to share this little gem with you. I may have followed the crowd and put in a cheeky little order for Rebel Lipstick and boy am I glad I did. Not only is the colour stunning, but it’s perfect for this time of year. It may look scary in the bullet, but trust me, on the lips it’s a gorgeous blackcurrent shade.

One thing that puts me off Mac lipsticks is the smell. Some people I know like the scent, but for me it’s a little sickly. However, that’s beyond the point, because this post is meant to be about me raving about this lipstick. Rebel is a Satin finish, meaning it’s long-wearing and offer high opacity without being dry on the lips.

I would defiantly be wearing this shade all though out the festive season, it’s perfect for the winter months!


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