Real Techniques Core Collection – Best Makeup Brushes?


After months of contemplation, I have finally bought these brushes. I probably have way more makeup brushes than is needed for a girl of my age, but I have heard so much about this particular set that I had to try them out! I already have the eye kit from Real Techniques, and they’re brushes that I love and use everyday. The real reason for wanting the Core Collection however was for the Buffing Brush. I’d heard so much hype about it and really wanted to try it out for myself, and its safe to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

All the brushes from the line are made from synthetic fibres, meaning that they are 100% cruelty free (bonus). This also makes them super easy to clean, so if like me you slack when it comes to washing your brushes, this will make the chore a little easier. Another reason why I love these so much is because they don’t shed. There is nothing worse than applying your foundation to find that you have little hairs all over your face, but with these you won’t have that problem.

These brushes apply makeup seamlessly to the skin giving you a completely flawless complexion. They are by far my favourite makeup brushes by price, design and most importantly how they apply makeup.


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