Muji Acrylic Storage 2 Drawers Wide – Worth the Hype?



I’m not going to lie, i probably wouldn’t have purchased these drawers without the guidance of most beauty gurus on both youtube and blogs alike. They’re so hyped, i thought that they couldn’t possibly be everything that people say they are. Having said this, i’ve been on the hunt for a new makeup storage solution for a while, so i thought, why not put these to the test.



I did so much research before buying, with much contemplation on size, shape, lid or no lid, number of name it, the choices are endless. In the end i went with 2 of the 2 drawers wide with no lid. As a number of my makeup items are large and bulky, i though the 2 drawers would be deep enough to hold everything, unlike the 5 drawers which i have heard are quite thin.

The one thing i would say with Muji is that there customer service is excellent! I had so much trouble with Royal Mail as my delivery took over 2 weeks longer than usual. When it finally did arrive, the drawers were packaged up so well, i honestly didn’t think i would be able to get to them..probably a good thing right? There was no damage at all, which i was very happy about.

Its safe to say i love these drawers. They’re placed centre stage on my dressing table, which i think looks gorgeous! From the pictures you can see that i use them to store most of my makeup, my more everyday pieces. the top drawer contains lip products, second drawer eyes, 3rd drawer face with blushers and bronzers in the bottom drawer. Everything fits in great and i am so happy with how it looks and how organised it all is! For £10.95 each, i would defiantly say that there worth it!



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