Maybelline Big Eyes Volume Express Mascara

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I have had my eyes on this mascara for a while, as the double ended wand for both upper and lower lashes really intrigued me. It was only when I was snooping around Boots last week when I saw it on offer and decided to pick it up and give it a go.

I have been using it since I got it, so I roughly know my opinions of it. The whole concept I love, as I’ve never seen a drugstore alternative to the ‘bottom lash, lower lash’ mascara before. The upper lash wand is pretty bog-standard, but does do a great job at adding volume, but not so much length. I have found that it can tend to flake off quite easily if too much is applied, which is one of the downsides. However, the best thing about this product is defiantly the lower lash end. Its so small and does such a great job at coating all the little lashes. Not only this, but I don’t seem to find that this flakes like the the upper lashes, which is quite strange. The lasting power is pretty good, with me only topping up occasionally throughout the day, but I do that no matter what mascara i’m wearing. So far I also haven’t noticed any smudging, which for me is a bonus.

Overall I would recommend this mascara if your looking for a product to tackle both bottom and top lashes, and something that gives you lots of volume. At £6.99 in Boots at the moment, I would defiantly give it a go!


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