MAC Prep and Prime Fix +

prep and prime

I’ve had my eye on this product for a while before I finally decided to give it a go. I haven’t tried out many makeup setting sprays before, so I was curious to say the least. It retails for £15.50, which I honestly don’t think is too bad compared with Urban Decay’s sprays costing more in the region of £20. The website describes this product as “A lightweight mist of water packed with vitamins and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently soothe and refresh the skin. Gives an instant boost of hydration while delivering a soft sheen to refresh and finish makeup.”.

How I personally like to use this product is by spritzing my face before and after applying my makeup. I find that spraying on top of your makeup gives it a more dewy finish. I also spray a little onto my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and use that to blend out my concealer under my eyes. I’ve also heard of people using it to make eyeshadows more sheeny – a great tip if you’re after that wet eye look.

I love the packaging. The spray makes it super easy to apply and it delivers the right amount of mist onto your skin. It has no real scent – great if you have sensitive skin. It feels just like water on your skin, so perfect for days when you want a instant boost of hydration and at the same time refreshing your makeup.

Overall I would say that is isn’t something you ‘need’ in your collection, but for makeup lovers like me, it’s a great all round product that defiantly is more of a treat to use than anything. I would however recommend, I’m a little obsessed with this now!

The Best of the Summer Scents

summer scents

It makes me sad that summer is nearly to an end, but before we dust off the wooly jumpers and booties once again, I wanted to share with you my favourite scents this summer.

So there have been 3 stand out scents that I have been alternating between this year. One of my all time favourites has to be Daisy by Marc Jacobs. This to me is summer in a bottle. The packaging first of all is to die for. But the scent itself is sweet, yet still has hints of floralness running through.

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy reminds me a lot of Daisy. As the name would suggest, this is my more evening summer perfume. Again, I love the packaging, and whats even better about this scent, it’s so affordable and lasts a really long time!

And last but not least is one that i’m pretty sure not many of you would be familiar with. Zara has an amazing range of fragrances, and one that I have been loving is Femme. This scent is coconutty and very sweet (not one for those who aren’t into sweeter scents). Again, it’s so affordable – £9.99 for 100ml.
Hope you enjoyed this quick little post, if you have any post recommendations then leave me a comment!x

The August Payday Wishlist

august wishlist

Products Links:

Zara Heels
Asos Silk Pyjamas
New Look Leather Jeans 
Vera Moda Jumper 
Nip and Fab Serum
Topshop Makeup Bag
Asos Mule Heels
Zara Office City Bag
New Balance Trainers 

So I thought it would be fun to try out something new on my blog. A rundown of the things i’m lusting over this month – who knows, I might even give you some inspiration..or end up making you spend all your money like I think I might this month!

As you can tell, the majority is shoes. I want to revamp my shoes collection and invest in some more heels/going out shoes as I mostly wear converses and flats. This mule style heels (bottom left) are to die for. I love the mix of black and brown, and I think they’ll be a pair that’ll go with loads of different outfits. I’ve also been eyeing up these Zara heels (top left) for a good 6 months or so. I think it’s time I get them..I mean they’ll go with loads right? Here’s me saying I want to venture away from trainers, and then I want to buy some more. But I need these New Balance’s in my life. With college starting back up soon, I think they’ll be a great pair of casual shoes that aren’t converses.

In the top middle, is a gorgeous silk pyjama set from Asos that I literally can’t stop looking at. They’re £26, so perhaps a little pricey for pyjamas, but seriously how amazing do they look. Again from Asos, I saw these leather look jeans from New Look. I’ve seen so many people pull these off, but have been a little apprehensive to buy a pair. However, these are only £22 so worth a try? Again from Asos, is this jumper/top from Vera Moda (middle left). I wear this kind of thing all the time as it’s the perfect piece to throw on with a pair of jeans. I love the splits at the sides and the high neck makes it slightly different to my others. I also love the colour!

Moving onto Topshop, and there’s only one thing that really stood out to me while browsing the site. This makeup bag is so gorgeous! (middle right). I’m a huge makeup bag hoarder so when one catches my eye, I have to pick it up. I love the pattern and colours for summer, defiantly not like any of my others I own. I also like the fact that it looks reasonably big, great for traveling to fit enough products into.

Talking about bags, this Zara Office City bag stood out to me. I have a small pink City bag that I use all the time, so the fact that this one is black really appealed to me. Again, something I know I would get loads of wear out of!

And last but not least is the only beauty product I’m really wanting to try. It’s from Nip and Fab and it’s their Dragons Blood Plumping Serum. It’s formulated to hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Now you’re probably thinking ‘Emilia, you’re 18 why do you need anti wrinkle products?’. But let me tell you, it’s good to start from a young age to prepare your skin rather than treating it. I also am a major frowner, and I actually have a couple of frown lines on my forehead that I would like to try and make duller. Not only this, but I get super dry skin, so I think this will be a good product for me!

What are you lusting over this month? I would love to know!

The Handbag Lipstick Stash

handbag 2

As we probably would have already gathered, I’m a massive lipstick junkie. And because of this, i’ve accumulated my fair few over the years. Most of them are tucked up nicely in my muji drawers, but when I was riffling through my bag recently, I discovered a handful laying at the bottom. I thought it was be fun to show you a sneak peak of what products have managed to make their way into my bag in recent weeks.

I’m going to warn you, most are pretty much the same colour – a nudey pink. Only because it’s the colour I wear the majority of the time.

I have a couple of Mac in my bag. Creme Cup is a lovely straight out light pink. I tend to mix this with Patisserie to make the perfect pinky nude. I find Creme Cup looks a bit weird on me on its own.

A recent discovery a one that I have been obsessed with is Beehive from Seventeen. I think this was popular a while back, but I have only just found it in my collection. It feels so balmy on the lips and gives you a lovely nude tint, with a hint of gloss. A perfect throw on shade.

Kate Moss no8 is my go to lipstick all year round. It’s such a flattering shade that suits everyone and that goes with everything. I find you do have to top it up quite a bit throughout the day, hence why it’s made its way into my bag.

When they came out, I was obsessed with the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. When they came out with new formulas about a year or so ago, I picked up 105 Demure and it’s one of their Lacquers. It’s a great slap on shade that is really comfortable on the lips. Again, it’s a lovely nudey pink that goes with everything.

Last but not least is a shade that I think is very similar to creme Cup. It’s by Max Factor and it’s called Stardust Pink. This is a gorgeous girly pink, which is so flattering on my skintone.

Byebye Contoring, Hello Strobing

strobing piccy

(ft. wet hair)

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m obsessed with contouring. I don’t feel complete without my face chiseled and defined. So when I heard about Strobing, the new trend that has hit redcarpets in recent months, I was intrigued to say the least. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘Strobing’, it basically follows similar rules to contouring, except with highlighter rather than bronzer. Instead of defining the hollows of the face, strobing focuses on adding product to the high points of the face. This does pretty much the same this as contouring, but in the reversed way. Instead of the hollow parts of your face being defined, the high points of the face will be accentuated, in tern, giving the impression of a naturally defined complexion.


As we now probably could have gathered, I love No7 for their highlighting products, but any highlighter will give you the same result! I also went for a highlighting blush in my look. Mines from Collection and it’s from their Glow range. It adds to the strobe effect but at the same time gives you a little bit of extra colour. For the eyes, I went for a light wash of a champaign shadow topped with a few coats of my favourite Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. The lips were also pretty simple. I think a peachy nude ties in nicely with the natural eyes. I then got a little of the powder highlighter on my finger and dabbed onto the middle of my lip. This makes your lips seem fuller and again, adds to the strobing effect.

What are your thoughts on strobing?

No Fuss Summer Blush Picks


I love a good blush all year round, but the summer for me is when the blush game is really on, and there are a few picks that I tend to gravitate more towards to during the warmer months.

I’ve been really into the Max Factor Creme Puff blushes recently, and especially the shade Lovely Pink. The baked effect of the product means that it’s like a 2 in 1 blush and highlighter, so perfect for those days when you need to quickly pop on a bit of colour onto the cheeks, but at the same time, still want a gorgeous looking glow.

Nars is a brand that I trust and would always look at first if I needed a new product. Their blushes are certainly up there with the best. The shade Sex Appeal doesn’t look like much in the pan, but when swatched and applied to the cheeks it gives a gorgeous peachy flush that looks so natural and pretty! Defiantly worth a try if you have paler skin like me.

The No7 blushes are also some of my favourite. It’s a brand that doesn’t get much attention on youtube/blogs I feel, but it is great value and all the products I’ve tried from them are great. The shade posey is a stunning coral peachy tone that is perfect for summer. The formula is also lovely, so easy to blend and so pigmented!

From the drugstore again, and Loreal’s True Match blushes. I have the shade Rosewood. It’s a lovely darker peach with shimmer running through – but don’t be put off, the shimmer is hardly noticeable on the skin. I love the packaging of this also. With blush being probably the first thing to fade on me during the day, the mirror and brush compact means it’s great to throw in your bag for touch ups on the go!

Mocha from Mac is the perfect dusty pink shade. It’s a little less pigmented than the rest, but I feel like you don’t want to overload your brush with this one anyway, because the colour is so strong. This is a great ‘goes with everything’ shade that I defiantly reach for a lot.

And last but not least, is one from Illamasqua. From the photo you’re probably thinking “no Emilia, that’s defiantly not a summery shade” but if applied very lightly (this stuff is beyond pigmented) then the colour is gorgeous and gives you a lovely pinky/red flush. So pretty with a tan!

What’s your favourite summer blush pick?

Brand Loving | Collection


I’ve picked up a few things from Collection recently, on a whim, whilst browsing the isles of Boots – like ya’ do. It’s not a brand that i’ve tried much from in the past, except from my trusty Lasting Perfection concealer which I swear by. But I really wanted to try the Eyes Uncovered Palette, and a couple of other things caught my eye at the same time.

The palette that I picked up was the Nude Bronze one, because I tend to appeal more towards the bronzey eyeshadow shades rather than cooler tones. So far I LOVE this palette. The shadows are so pigmented and blend like a dream, maybe even better than the Urban Decay. I particularly like the shade Golden Brown – I sweep this all across my lid and finish with lots of mascara for my easy everyday summer look. It also has a great highlight shade that I like to use on my brow bone and inner corner. I can’t believe that this was only £2.99, a must for everyone to try if you haven’t already!! I’m defiantly going to be taking this to the festivals I’m attending this year, compact and has all the colours you need, and if you brake it/loose it, it’s so cheap you can easily buy a replacement!

IMG_0809 swatches

My friend tried out the Gorgeous Glow blush/highlighter back along and told me that I needed to try it. Again, it was only £2.99 at the time (I think it retails normally for £4.19) so I thought I would also give it a go. I am really impressed. It gives a lovely flush to the cheeks and adds the right amount of golden sheen. It reminds me of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks (which I am yet to try) – it’s stunning on the cheeks!!


Seeing as I was trying out their blusher, I thought it was only right to try their bronzer also. The Bronze Glow Mosaic is a shimmery bronzer with 3 shades of brown. I do like this, however is quite orangey. I picked up the shade 01, but strangely enough, 02 actually looked lighter and less orange. Maybe one to try instead. Having said that, it does look gorgeous if lightly applied. It again gives a lovely glow to the skin.

IMG_0811 IMG_0812

Do you have any other Collection products worth a try? If so, i’d love to know and give them a go!